Romantify // sociale promotie & copywriting

Klant: Frederik Lamote is een online afrodisiacum, meerbepaald een website die verschillende romantische activiteiten aanbiedt. Vrijgezellen die willen scoren en koppels die hun liefdesleven een nieuw elan willen geven vinden hier hun gading. Oprichter Frederik Lamote heeft een zwak voor de liefde en besloot na het teloorgaang van zijn eigen relatie zijn smart te verwerken door het oprichten van Romantify. Mooi verhaal waar een mooie copy bij hoort.


Fish out of water! Head to head at the Damse Vaart

Being uber-romantic doesn't have to be expensive. Remember those 'Love is...' cartoons from way back? Well it's bound to have a fishing episode in it. All you need is a fishing rod, a picknickbasket and preferably some nice weather. With the sun gazing over the river you can swing out the bait and sit head to head. The ideal opportunity to declare her your love, dig up forgotten memories or talk things over. On a less serious note you can also play Marco Polo ;)

Baby you can drive my.... Limo!

Daily traffic can be traumatic and detrimental for your love-life. Ask anyone. Cocoon yourselves in a 3 hour Limo ride. Yes, at Romantify we see things big. A humble and discrete chauffeur will drive you around town while you can sit back and relax. Enjoy each other in complete privacy and take that time off that you deserve. Open up a bottle of bubbly and mock the ones in smaller vehicles. No more traffic or love jams. Be sure to close the blinded windows though, you lovebirds!

Ola! Yoga! Beacha! Barcelona!

Couple yoga is hot and trending nowadays. This intense experience is put together with life's basic ingredients such as love, fun, senses and comes with a nice topping of endorphins. The main goal is to wind down, get rid of stress and especially, grease up love and interaction between partners. Barcelona is the ideal setting to try out this unique way of connecting. Under a bright blue sky in the city of Gaudi, this could be the ideal date for whoever's into sun, relaxation and fun. Get into the flow and discover each other over and over again... Vamos?

Buonissimo! An Italian chef at your doorstep

If you want love and you want it pronto, here's what you do: you click this item, you set a date, you walk through the menu, you wait for the chef to come and cook, you surprise your loved one, you enjoy dinner and you enjoy the night (and many others). Ronny Filippini takes care of fresh ingredients, preparation, cooking and waits on you just by snapping your finger. Not enough you say? He'll also clean up after you so you can both relax and wind down. Look eachother in the eye and send some love through that stomac. If all of the above fail: act Italian, it always works. Order your private chef and stir up the romance. Quando? Now!

Double the pleasure: Tandem bikeride with picknick

Give her the ride of her life and discover the picturesque fairytale of Bruges. You can stroll along this historic city and show off all of its charm. A basket full of tasty goodies accompanied by a detailed map will do the trick. Head off to the Minnewater, discover the woods of Tillegembos or go see the Frietmuseum. If that doesn't work you can always get her tipsy and take a pitstop at De Halve Maan, Bruges' oldest brewery. The options are endless, just like your love. Hop on and don't forget to spoil yourself with the best view ever: sit behind her on the tandem.

Our Story:

We've all experienced it: the ending of a relationship, it sucks big time. Frederik Lamote, founder of Romantify, saw the good in it and wanted to turn a bad experience into something good. Good for everyone. Wether a relationship is going up- or downhill, you still have to take action to please your loved one. In order to make love last or happen, you need that other four letter word, you need to make it w-o-r-k.

Frederik decided to help couples and singles to boost up their romantic life. Being original in this day and age isn't that easy so he explored the world looking for atypical activities for couples. He shaped Romantify and reshaped his life.

Personal comrade and IT wonder Kasper tagged along and Romantify saw daylight. This isn't a job to Frederik and Kasper, it's a way of life. Make it your own and become a Romantifier. Join our forces and live in prosperity: the Romantify rescue team might be just what you and your partner need...